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Born in 1985 in Teheran/Iran, Shayan Fathi began playing piano at the age of 8, later drums/percussion at age 10 in Austria, where he quickly created a skillful playing and got a major member in the music scene. Mostly influenced by Latin-American music, he started studying Jazz Drums at the Conservatory of Vienna at the age of 16.

Several times from 2001-2003 he won prizes, such as scholarship for the Drummer’s Collective New York, at Austrian/German/Swiss Drum Contests.

At 28, Shayan is an accomplished musician and is currently moving between Madrid / Berlin / Vienna. His career achievements to date include more than 50 cd recordings. He is grateful and thrilled to have been asked to record and play for a variety of artists across the spectrum of music such as:

Sehrang, The Shadooproject, Mono & Nikitaman, Fagner Wesley Quartet, Sintesis, Neve Naive (Sonar Collective), Count Basic, Francisca Urio, Erik Rico, Brittany Bosco, Alegre Correa, NuRandom, Frankie Balou, Kelvin Sholar, Bad Powells, Superfly Radio Orchestra, Rodney Hunter, Bassida (Prince), Chakuza, Dzihan & Kamien, DSence, Harry Sokal, Juci, Albin Janoska, Sonny J Mason (uk), Vera Böhnisch, Vienna DC, Madrid de los Austrias, Saint Privat, Iris Camaa, Rounder Girls, Mamadou Diabate, Dana Gillespie, Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power) and many others